Couponers, Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes


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If done right, couponing can save you up to around 95% off of your total bill. This is why millions of Americans don’t go to the grocery store without their coupons at hand.  It might sound trivial, but there are a lot of mistakes that you can commit to using coupons.

Here are the top 3 mistakes couponers make:

Buying something you don’t need

Coupons can be used on items that have reached rock bottom or when they’re at their lowest price. Once that price period has passed, it will not reach rock bottom for another 3-6 months. Shoppers take advantage of this period by stockpiling.

As a result, some people end up with a whole lot of items they can’t even use up. Only stockpile if you know the item you are buying is something you use regularly and that you will consume your stock in less than 6 months.

Don’t buy 100 bottles of mayonnaise just because they are 80% off. Buying unnecessary things does not only apply to stockpiles.

Even if you just buy one item which you won’t use, you are already wasting money.

Not taking full advantage of discounts

Some people are not aware that you can stack coupons in a lot of retail outlets.

For example, you can use a manufacturer’s coupon that offers $1 off, together with a store coupon that also offers $1 off.

In the end, you get $2 off. Furthermore, you can also use coupons on items that are already on sale.

Don’t forget to analyze deals using your basic math.

A pack with more items does not necessarily give you a better deal than a smaller pack of the same item. Sometimes, you save more by buying the smaller version of that item.

Misleading and unusable coupons

The third most common mistake couponers make is not reading the fine print on the coupon. Don’t settle for the big print because sometimes, there is a catch.

For instance, the big print will say “$5 off” and under that, in fine print “if you purchase $20 worth” of that item.

Also, don’t forget to read the policies on that coupon to save you the time and hassle of having to argue with the store manager once you’re at the checkout counter.

Finally, if a coupon without damage doesn’t scan, let the item go if you don’t really need it. It could be expired or fake, either way, it’s not worth your time.