5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Summer Vacation


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Summer is the best time to travel and explore the sights, flavors, and smells of new places. If you do not have a huge budget to work with, you can still have a grand summer vacation.

See what you can do with these useful tips for bringing the cost of your summer vacation down.

Tip #1: Always be on the lookout for discounts and deals

Discounts are big money-savers. You can find them for flights, hotels, local events, car rentals, and local attractions. Make sure that you go over the fine print for any stipulated restrictions on travel dates or times.

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Many membership cards and credit unions offer significant discounts on hotels, food, car rentals, and outlet shopping.

Tip #2: Check what is included in a vacation package

It is always prudent to do comparison shopping. Check all the details to find out exactly what you are paying for. You may think that you are paying more for hotel accommodations on a per night basis.

However, the package may already include amenities like free breakfast and snacks, pool use, discount coupons for in-house cafes and restaurants, or WiFi — things that you still have to spend for at other hotels.

Tip #3: Plan your summer vacation around off-season days

Rates are often higher during weekends and holidays. You can get hotel accommodations for a significantly lower rate during weekdays.

Tip #4: Consider renting a vacation rental home or a condo for your summer vacation

An increasing number of people are opting to stay in vacation rental homes or condos rather than in a hotel room or resort.

You can enjoy your vacation with friends — and share the cost.

You can do your own cooking for some of the meals — and save on restaurant-dining expenses. You can even do your own laundry.

If you stay in a condo, you can still enjoy some of the amenities that hotels offer like access to a pool, but you get to spend less for your stay.

Tip #5: Go on a “stay-cation”

If you cannot afford to go out of town for your summer vacation, you can still enjoy summer by opting for a “stay-cation.”

You can take time off from work, stay home, and enjoy local attractions — new restaurants, museums, parks, and other local tourist attractions.

You can plan for fun barbecues in your backyard. You can drive a few hours to check out the nearby tourist destinations.

You can even book a room in a local hotel for a night and enjoy room service and other amenities.