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What Is GenF20 Plus Releaser?

The Fountain of Youth has been a fascination of mankind for centuries.

Who wouldn’t want to banish just about all traces of aging from their face and body just by drinking or bathing in a magical spring?

GenF20 Plus may not be a fountain per se (although you do need to consume it), but it is perhaps the closest human beings can get to the mythical source of eternal youth.

This powerhouse of organic anti-aging ingredients gives you a load of health and beauty benefits. A handful of HGH benefits are as follows:

  • Increased libido. Have you been feeling out of sorts in the bedroom recently? With GenF20 Plus, you can have all the increased sex drive you need to bring the romance back into your life.
  • Stabilized mood. If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps, GenF20 Plus can help you battle against anxiety and depression.
  • Better sleep. Many people experience difficulties in getting a good night’s sleep as they get older. GenF20 Plus often enables you to sleep like a baby after just a few weeks.

How Does It Work?

Making GenF20 Plus work for you couldn’t be any simpler.

Each set is composed of supplements and an oral spray, both of which are made from the finest anti-aging ingredients in the world.

You simply need to take about two capsules a day (four, if you want the maximum effect) along with a few sprays of the oral solution.

Over the recommended dosage period, this regimen seeks to increase your body’s production of the human growth hormone. HGH has recently been found to be related to how well your body withstands the ravages of time.

If you compare the HGH levels of a 25-year-old with that of a 60-year-old, you’ll find that the latter’s HGH levels to be less than 15% of the former’s.

Because many adults now have unhealthy lifestyles characterized by poor diets and insufficient exercise, the population’s HGH levels have been falling at an alarming rate.

These days, your HGH levels could very well drop to that of a 60-year old's long before you even hit retirement age.

With a revolutionary blend of organic anti-aging ingredients, GenF20 seeks to stimulate your body’s production of the magical HGH hormone so you end up slowing the aging process.

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  • GenF20 is readily available in the market. You can purchase your supply of GenF20 Plus from their official website quite easily. The delivery can reach your doorstep within days. This isn’t always the case with some anti-aging supplements, as some of them require you to sign up for membership in a multi-level marketing company before you can purchase a set.
  • The benefits of HGH have been repeatedly proven. Some of the most noted improvements associated with HGH are firmer, tighter skin, higher energy levels, and a faster metabolism.
  • Using the product is easy and painless. There are no painful injections required here. All you need to do is swallow a couple of spills and spray an oral solution into your mouth. What could be easier?


  • The product is relatively expensive. You may need to shell out as much as US$ 400 for a six-month supply. However, you can avail of a free trial period by trying a two-month supply. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the results, you can return the empty set to the company within 67 days after the product was delivered and receive a full refund, with no questions asked.

GenF20 Plus Ingredients

Since the GenF20 Plus costs an average of about $68 per month, you might ask why it’s rather expensive. The answer lies in the ingredients that go into each dose of GenF20 Plus.

Each ingredient was carefully chosen for its contribution to making your body feel a lot more youthful, and only the high-quality ones make it into each batch:

  • L-Glutamine. This amino acid kicks in during times of stress. It also plays a central role in the growth and division of new cells, as well as the maintenance of muscles. L-Glutamine has also been known to enhance mental acuity and alertness.
  • Deer Antler Velvet. As a natural source of glucosamine, collagen, and chondroitin, deer antler velvet enhances the body’s production of cartilage tissue. It has also been known to boost male libido and fertility.
  • L-Ornithine. This hormone can triple your body’s production of HGH, and it becomes even more effective alongside other hormones like L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, and Lysine, all of which are already included in every batch of GenF20 Plus.
  • Short for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, GABA is a powerful amino acid that stimulates the body’s production of HGH.


Sure, the GenF20 Plus comes with a hefty price tag, but when it comes to making you look and feel youthful a lot longer than you expect to, you might say that it’s worth every penny.

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(*) The study did not measure for a direct increase in HGH.

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