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Phallosan Forte Discount

Phallosan Forte Review: Is It Worth Trying?

The product is the answer to every “shorthanded” man’s prayer.

Billed as a combination of penis pump and penis extender, it promises great improvement for every man’s member, not only in terms of length but also in terms of girth.

Let’s dive right into this Phallosan Forte review.

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It boasts of several benefits that are hard to pass up, which include:

  • Noticeable penis size improvement in six months

Six months is a long time, but for the standards of penis extenders, that is nothing to worry about.

A clinical trial that involved 24 men had seen an average length increase of 0.8 inches when erect and 0.6 inches when flaccid.

Some men have reported an increase of up to two inches when erect.

  • Convenient mechanism

Unlike penis extenders that require you to insert and stretch your penis using bars and rods, this product only uses a vacuum to stretch your penis from all sides, which means you get to experience an increase both in length and girth.

Moreover, using a vacuum for stretching does not come with any pain (unless done the wrong way).

  • Discreet use

The shape of the device follows the natural shape of the penis, which is a far cry from penis extenders.

It is not as bulky as other extenders because it is fastened sideways.

How Do You Use Phallosan Forte?

Some people might get confused or even intimidated by its mechanism at first because of its unique design. However, upon close checking, you will know that anyone can easily use it without extensive research.

All you have to do is insert your penis inside the protector cap, insert the bell and roll the sleeve down to the base of your penis, and then connect the bell to the pump to create a vacuum that will pull your penis.

Pumping should be done slowly to avoid hurting your penis and inflicting long-term damage.

Once the penis is pumped, connect the tip of the bell to the fastening belt and hook the other end to the base of your penis.

Your penis will then be stretched sideways, but because the vacuum pulls your penis from all directions, you are guaranteed to see positive results in length and girth in just a few months.

Some users have reported noticeable effects as early as the second month of continuous use.

What Are The Benefits and Downsides of Phallosan Forte?

As you would expect from an innovative penis enlargement product, there are numerous benefits to expect, with some minor side effects to keep in mind.


  • Non-invasive procedure – There is no need to feel pain and see blood just to achieve the penis size that you have always dreamed of. This product uses the principle of cytokinesis to induce penis growth. This natural phenomenon happens when a certain part of the body is forcibly but safely stretched for a long time, creating microscopic tears that are too small for the eyes to see and for the skin to feel. When these tears heal, new tissues form, creating more skin surface and allowing for a bigger flaccid state. Meanwhile, the chamber of the penis that expands when blood is drawn towards it also permanently increases, allowing for a bigger erection.
  • Medical-grade quality – This device is not just any other male enhancement product. It is an orthopedic belt that has been proven to increase penis size in clinical trials. Also, many doctors recommend it for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, which causes penile curvature with occasional pain and frequent discomfort. The manufacturer claims up to 80% improvement in curvature when used religiously within six months.


  • The unfamiliarity of the system – Since this is the only orthopedic bell system in the world, most people will surely find it odd or even scary at first. However, as mentioned, its mechanism is easy to understand. It does not take a lot of time to learn how to use it safely.
  • Hefty price tag – It is not the most expensive male enhancement product on the market, but spending more than $300 for it is still not something to shrug about.

Can It Be Shipped and Delivered?

Yes, the manufacturer delivers anywhere in the world. Customers in the US can receive it in as fast as three days.

Does It Come with a Warranty?

Absolutely! A full two-year warranty will be given except for the sleeve and protector cap.

Where Can You Buy Phallosan Forte?

You can buy one now straight from the manufacturer’s website.

Can You Get A Phallosan Forte Discount Bonus?

Yes, every customer can expect four free sleeves comprised of one small sleeve, two medium sleeves, and one large sleeve.

Final Verdict on Phallosan Forte

This product promises an increase in penis size in as fast as three months.

What’s even more exciting about it is its unique design and scientifically proven principle.

This is the answer you are waiting for, so do not let this opportunity pass.

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